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*(Local dialect for: Salento, the sun, the sea, the wind)
Tenuta Specolizzi is situated just inside the hills but the most beautiful beaches of the coast are close and easily accessible.

Mario, the owner, will happily recommend to you all the best bays and coves to visit.
Salento, known as the land of the sea, sun and wind, is one of the most beautiful places in Italy and, when it comes to beaches, the idea of turquoise sea and white sand becomes a wonderful reality.
Porto Badisco

Porto Badisco is a place in the midst of nature, with crystal-clear water and a serene climate. This is where the Grotta dei Cervi (Deer's Cave) is located, which today is considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites in Italy. This cave, in fact, dates back to the Neolithic age and is referred to as the Sistine Chapel of prehistory because of its wealth in cave paintings.
Pescoluse Beach
The Maldives of Salento

Extremely fine sand, shallow, transparent water and dunes all around full of wild lilies. This is how the so-called Maldives of Salento present themselves, extending for kilometres from Posto Vecchio to Torre Pali. The best time to visit this beach is when the north wind blows and the sea is calm and turquoise.
Lido Pizzo
Punta della Suina

A nature reserve of about 1 km in length. The sea is emerald and the beach is surrounded by dense vegetation. When the Scirocco winds from the south make other beaches inaccessible, you will find a flat sea here, while a northern wind makes this sea rough. The coast is low and sandy and there are reefs of moderate size.

The Ciolo is a marvellous cove with a cobalt blue sea, where divers will find their ideal habitat. The water is usually calm because two tall rocks, to the right and left, protect the cove from the most turbulent winds. However, it is preferable to visit the cove during western winds instead of the Scirocco.
Porto Miggiano

Porto Miggiano is known to be one of those places called "natural pools". This beautiful bay encloses a crystal-clear body of water with a rocky wall. For a visit to Porto Miggiano, we recommend a boat trip, so you can get away from the coast and immerse yourself in marvellous waters.
Alimini Beach

This beautiful beach is 6 km long and a large pine forest separates it from the nearby lakes. As the wind frequently dominates this area, the beach is much loved and appreciated by many surfers. This part of the coast offers wide range of vegetation, including myrtle, laurel, juniper and the large pine forest.
Beach Lido degli Angeli
Punta Prosciutto

High dunes and white sand characterize this beach and the sea is as transparent as in the rest of the Salento. This is where you should come to enjoy beautiful sunsets, but if you want to take a bath without any worries, make sure that the north wind is on your side and that the Scirocco is not blowing. If you are travelling with your family, we highly recommend this beach as the seabed slopes very gently, the water becomes only every few metres a bit deeper.
Torre Sant’Andrea

A rocky bay houses this small beach, the area is all rocky and if you want to enjoy a swim you have to wait for the north wind. To enter the water there is a good access point at the beginning of the Faraglioni cliffs.
Insenatura Acquaviva

The Acquaviva inlet is located a few kilometres before Castro. In the past, this inlet was where a stream flowed into the sea and, over the years, it has formed a small beach. Today, the currents of fresh water create a natural whirlpool for bathers.
Lido Marini

Lido Marini is a small town popular with tourist on the Ionian coast of Salento. Its long beach of fine white sand forms a beautiful inlet. Behind the beach, there are lakes and canals that flow into the sea, creating a very distinctive landscape.
Isola dei Conigli

A few meters from the coast of Porto Cesareo and you may reach them by swimming: here you will find an archipelago of small islands made of rocks and sand, the largest of which is called the “Island of Rabbits” because in the 1950s it was the home of a rabbit farm.
Marine di Ugento

One of the most famous coasts of the Salento is the Marine di Ugento. Towards the north of Lido Marini you will find 7-8 km of sandy beaches with clear, shallow and transparent water, up until you reach Torre San Giovanni. Torre San Giovanni is a small but lively tourist port, both during the summer and winter.
We found this hotel by chance as we explored South Italy, and so glad we did. It was extremely quiet as it's out of season but that really suited us. ...

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